Governing Board

Governing Board

Governing Board

Governing Board of Crane Schools

Rear, Left to Right: Dan Farar & Jim Colby  
Front, Left to Right: Brenna Paulin, Sarah Claridge & Terre Catanzaro
Governing Board members are unpaid elected officials. We serve as the policy-making body for Crane Schools. We see that the administration of the school district is carried out in line with the district's policies and the laws of our state and nation.

We act as the district's liaison with the general community. Community members are encouraged to take an interest in and provide input to governing board activities and decisions.

"In compliance with ARS 38-431.02(A)(2), all public notices for Crane Elementary School District Governing Board meetings will be posted in the front window of the Crane Education Center, 4250 W. 16th Street, Yuma, Arizona."
Election and Terms

A board member must be a qualified elector and have lived within the district for at least one year. Each member serves a four-year term beginning January 1 following the state and federal general election scheduled every two years.

Terms are staggered so two or three board seats become vacant on alternate general election years. Under Arizona law, a board member may be elected to any number of terms.

Sarah Claridge,
Governing Board President
4250 W. 16th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 373-3403
(928) 373-3400
(928) 782-6831 - Fax
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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